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Suntec Enterprises is a wrought steel cut wire shot engineered and manufactured to exhibit the properties necessary for High Quality shot peening media: improved consistency in size, shape, hardness and density; increased durability, significantly better resistance to fracture; reduced dust generation and much less residue of iron left on the part surface. These improvements result in more consistent processing, lower costs, improved part fatigue life and a cleaner environment in your shot peening process.

Suntec's cut wire shot is available in sizes from 0.30 MM to 2.40 Diameter. Materials normally supplied for shot peening applications are carbon steel and stainless steel shot. Carbon steel media is available in both Standard (S) hardness HRC 50-55 and High (H) hardness HRC 55-60. Other hardness ranges are available upon request. This product is the highest quality shot peening media available in today's marketplace.

The Company Involve in Forging Industry, Fabrication Industry, Forming Industry, Casting Industry, Die Casting Industry, Gear, Spring and Auto Space Application.

Know Us

The deep market survey and research has helped Suntec Enterprises in meeting the exact requirement of our clients in the best possible manner. The company was established in the year 2001 as a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Carbon Steel Media, Cut Wire Shot, Steel Shot, Zinc Cut Wire Shots, Aluminium Cut Wire Shots, High Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, etc. These wire shots are used for peening and cleaning applications in varied industries. We manufacture our range using high quality wire and sophisticated technology. These products are appreciated for their durability, low maintenance and easy installation. Further, we have gained excellent recognition in the market for our rich technical knowledge and vast experience in this domain.

Product Portfolio

Suntec  Enterprise's cut  wire shot is available in Carbon and Stainnless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, and Nickel alloys and  all commonly used Sizes. Standard Hardness ranges for carbon steel cut wire shot are: Regular - HRC 45-55, High - HRC 55-60 and Special- HRC 50-55. Packaging includes: 50 lb. bags, 25 kg. bags, 40 lb. plastic pails, 2000 lb. drums, and 2000 lb. Heavy Plastic Bags.


Cut Wire Designation (mm)

Equivalent Cast Shot Size

0.30 Inch
0.35 Inch
0.45 Inch
0.50 Inch
0.60 Inch
0.70 Inch
0.80 Inch
0.90 Inch
1.00 Inch
1.20 Inch
1.40 Inch
1.60 Inch



  • Best Quality Stainless Steel
  • Patentent Drawn
  • Stainless Steel Wires
  • ( Miscellaneous Composition)


  • G1 ( Round Edges)
  • G2 ( Round Elliptic)
  • G3 ( Round Spherical, Ball)


  • 0,30 MM/ 0.012 Inch  0,60 MM/0.023 Inch
  • 0,35 MM/ 0.015 Inch  0,70 MM/0.028 Inch
  • 0,40 MM/ 0.017 Inch  0,80 MM/0.032 Inch
  • 0,45 MM/ 0.018 Inch  0,90 MM/0.023 Inch
  • 0,50 MM/ 0.020 Inch  0,60 MM/0.035 Inch
  • Further on Request


640 HV1, 670 HV1, 700 HV1, 750 HV1, 800 HV1
Further on Request


  • VDFI 8801
  • DIN 8201-4
  • MIL-S- 851D
  • AMS 2431
  • AMS-S-13165
  • SAE-J441
  • GE Specs
  • BAC Specs

Packaging Available         25 kg. Bags       1000 kg. = 40 - 25 kg. Bags

Our Products

We are into the business of manufacturing quality products that are highly demanded in forging, fabrication, forming, casting, die casting, gear, spring and auto space applications. Our range is listed below:

  • Carbon Steel Media
  • Cut Wire Shot
  • Steel Shot
  • Zinc Cut Wire Shots
  • Aluminum Cut Wire Shots
  • High Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot
  • Nickel Cut Wire Shot
  • Cut-To-Length Straight Wire

Our Cut Wire Shots is known for its features like:
  • Consistency in size, shape, hardness and density
  • Increased durability
  • Significant better resistance to fracture
  • Reduced dust generation
  • Less residue of iron left on the part surface.

Further on Request


  • Forging industry
  • Fabrication industry
  • Forming Industry
  • Casting industry
  • Diecasting of AL/Zn
  • Automobile Components
  • Gear/Spring
  • Aero space applications
Suntec Enterprises Provides
  • Years of experience in production understanding of the process
  • High quality standards
  • Environmental friendly
  • Timely delivery

Difference Between Casted Steel Shot and Steel Cut Wire Shot

 Cast Steel Shots  Cut Wire Steel Shots
Basic raw material is far lower in Physical properties & composition. This cause Blow Holes, Porosity & Shrinkage, which makes the shot fracture in to small particles Raw material is of Exact composition with out any material defects or Holes & Porosity
Grain size of cast shots is Unstabilized Due to its Drawing process, the grain size is stabilized
Shots being produced are of mixed size, hence product is a mix of various spherical sizes All cut wire shots being out of same wire, hence are identical
Hardness variations is large Uniform hardness
In Micro-structure Carbide always there
Micro-structure is only Tempered Martensite
Steel shots break in-to Dust Cut wire Shots only Wear Down
Higher Consumption requires high Inventory, more Money & Space as well Lower inventory requires, for the same job
Shots consumption is higher Less consumption than cast shots
Increases working cycle time, due to higher consumption in shot blasting/peening Reduce time for shot blasting/peening
No consistency in performance, due to fast deterioration in size Consistent Performance
Less usage life & Lower Purchase price
Usage life is 2-3 times more, Higher purchase price

Manufacturing Process

We are supported with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which help us in completing all our production process in prescribed time frame. The unit is fitted with ultra modern machinery that are kept in good working condition to avoid any complication in making of the products. We are most trusted manufacturer of Cut Wire Shots that are manufactured using quality wire. The particles are cut into length with equal diameters. Further, to remove the sharp corner of the particles, it is well conditioned or rounded. We use peening technology in making of our range. Moreover, our team of expert make sure that the range matches to their needs, hence they manufacture it as per the specification provided by customers.

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